Tejas at Home


The way you begin your day matters. The way the light enters. The way the air feels. The way your technology works flowlessly.

So, imagine... what if every day began exactly the way you wanted?





Good Morning


Your curtains open to let in the daylight. The air conditioning shuts off and your favorite music plays. When it's time to leave for work, you turn off the lights and activate your security system with a single tap on your phone.

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Tejas Smart Home Grocery Delivery


Grocery Delivery

When the local shop calls, you can open your service door remotely - and lock it when your delivery is complete.



School's Out

Receive automatic notifications when the kids arrive home, safe and sound.



Evening Entertainment

Lower the shades, dim the lights and watch your favorite movie, all from the comfort of your couch. When it's time for bed, the curtains close, the lights turn off and the air conditioning cools the room so you can sleep well.

Tejas Smart Home Evening Entertainment